Our Values
Globcon Logistics

The Practical Experience
All our clients are happy and satisfied with the quality of our work. Rest assured they are always certain about our personalized service and uncompromising attention to detail. Their strong patronage towards us stands testimony to GlobCon’s quality and experience

People and Attitude Quality
... Service... Training... These are the hallmarks of GlobCon Logistics. GlobCon Logistics employees know that each client has exclusive needs. Our employees receive ongoing training to make sure we provide the best, and highly secured, service possible. We don't just solve problems... we work hard to ensure they don't arise.

Supporting Team Work
GlobCon Logistics emphasizes on teamwork which is so vital towards meeting the needs of our customer’s. Accurate and timely communications means the job moves ahead smoothly and in a hassle-free manner.

The growth and success of our company is based on the following "Winning Principles"

Pledge integrity
Commit to the highest ethical standards without compromise, which is the bedrock of our company.

Recognize the value of teamwork
To become a one-stop source providing the best overall service for our clients through team work.

Be forthright about conflict.
Inform clients of real or perceived conflicts. Always choose the harder right over the easier wrong.

Exceed expectations
"Seek to achieve not only what is asked, but also use creativity to provide solutions above and beyond what is expected.”

Maintain balance in life and business
To improve productivity, by maintaining a healthy balance among our priorities for clients, family, faith, community, and self.

Managing our business with integrity and high ethical standards, while acting in a socially responsible manner with emphasis on the well-being of our partners and the society we serve.

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