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Air Freight

Air Freight

GlobCon caters to your urgent freight forwarding needs with a highly developed network of air transportation. Globcon Logistics adheres to the following regulations:
1. IATA for air transport, applicable within all countries which work under the ICAO regulations and any airline under the IATA regulations
2. Shippers are responsible to confirm if their dangerous goods shipments will transit to destination by air or road and prepare the shipment accordingly


GlobCon brings you exclusive air freight services with extreme precision and specification, as per your business demand. We consider factors like deadline, cost, shipment type, and much more to create a perfect air freight plan. Get our customized air freight services to manage your trade across the nations in the fastest time. No matter what type of shipment you want to transport, we adhere to all the legal procedures and extend secure air freight forwarding service. We offer highly secure air freight services in collaboration with various airlines. Our Air Freight services are equipped with technologies to keep you informed about the progress of your shipment at every stage. We are the leading air freight company offering absolute services in the Middle East.

Want to find out more?

We have a selection of websites offering essential information to support your business when shipping hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

The IATA website, offers a great range of resources essential for your business if you are looking to ship dangerous goods by Air. Resources include Dangerous Goods training, manuals and forums amongst lots more.
To find out more, click here to visit the Dangerous Goods section.

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