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Fairs and Events

Fairs and Events

GlobCon offers absolute event support with appropriate logistics aids. Our professionals ensure the smooth execution of your exhibitions and events.


GlobCon brings you fairs and event handling services through our expert logistics team. The accelerated network of GlobCon across the event industry in the Middle East has allowed us to cater to your fair and events needs. Our logistics aid to the fairs and events operators allows them to manage events and get the organization quick and appropriate. Whether the exhibits are transferred from different nations or not, we ensure they have appropriately cleared the customs and have accurate government permits along with other documents to get displayed in the exhibition. Whether the goods are to be transferred from the ports or the airports, GlobCon's team handles the process and makes the unpacking facile. We bring you accurate freight forwarding services for your fairs and events and further make them a success.
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